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Transumbilical breast augmentation

Transumbilical breast augmentation; Transumbilical bosom growth (TUBA), offered by our San Antonio plastic specialist, is one of the freshest and most creative strategies for bosom extension. The TUBA system is less obtrusive than different types of bosom embed position, and it yields no conspicuous scars close to the bosom or armpits. In addition, the medical procedure commonly keeps going under a hour and has a substantially speedier recuperation time.

The TUBA Procedure

TUBA, otherwise called stomach catch bosom expansion, is offered to our San Antonio and Austin-territory patients who are thinking about bosom inserts to add volume and completion to their bustline. One of the central preferences to this best in class system is there is just a single little (1.5 cm) cut made for embed situation covered up inside the midsection catch and the subsequent scar is for all intents and purposes imperceptible. Transumbilical breast augmentation.

By setting the inserts through the navel, just a single entry point is important, and it is a small amount of the length required for more intrusive bosom broadening techniques. Also, TUBA includes less hazard than other bosom growth choices. Since no entry points are made on the bosoms themselves, there is to a lesser degree a probability of harm to the bosoms’ nerves. In addition, the technique is shorter than customary bosom growth strategies, which diminishes the danger of complexities with anesthesia. Normally, this system takes under 30 minutes.

The Technique

It feasible for our plastic specialist to perform transumbilical bosom enlargement, in a significantly faster design and with less scarring. These inserts can be put above or underneath the pectoralis muscle utilizing the TUBA method. By utilizing the umbilical approach, the dangers of dying, swelling, and wounding can be essentially diminished; and recuperation times are commonly substantially shorter than those related with more obtrusive medical procedure.

TUBA Risks

In spite of the fact that transumbilical bosom enlargement; is viewed as less unsafe than different kinds of bosom medical procedure; any surgery has the likelihood of inconveniences. These include:

  • Capsular contracture – scar tissue conforming to the embed, making the region feel solidified.
  • Embed spill – break of the embed causing emptying
  • Response to anesthesia
  • Deadness of the areolas or bosoms
  • Contamination

Transumbilical breast augmentation

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